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Date Location Miles Who Remarks
Sep 2016 100 Mile Wilderness-Maine 110 John, Carl, and Phil Phil's first hike with us. Trail was horrible with lots of rocks and roots
Aug 2016 PCT-Stevens Pass to Cananda 199 Ed and Carl with John for the first half Carl's longest time on the trail. Near perfect weather. Met a number of nice hikers along the way
Jun 2016 South Manitou Island-Michigan 19 Lori and Carl Hiked around this Lake Michigan island in three days with near perfect weather
Jan 2016 Florida Trail - South 170 Brian, Carl and Ed Three days in the swamp and then a bunch of levee and road walking
Aug 2015 PCT-Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass WA 72 Carl and Ed In smoke from wildfires two days and walked in the clouds the last day
Aug 2015 PCT-White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass WA 100 Carl, Ed, and Brian Cooler weather than expected. Hike with a number of thru hikers
July 2015 Grand Teton National Park WY 15 Carl, Lori Rode tram to top 10,000 feet and then hike out
Aug 2015 Yellowstone National Park WY 33.6 Carl, Lori, John, Kathy Hiked around Shoshone Lake
Aug 2014 Shenandoah National Park VA 41.0 Carl Carl's first solo hike, loved it
Apr 2014 Richland Creek, AR 7.0 Carl, Ed, Waist deep river crossings
Aug 2013 JMT-Northern Section 59.0 Carl, Ed, John, Joe Wildfires in Yosemite and flash flood in NV on our way back to Las Vegas
Jul 2013 Isle Royale NP, MI 45.0 Lori, Carl, Ed, John, Joe, Laura, and John's brother's family from MI Excellent hike with a few days of rain
Sep 2012 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI 21.0 Lori, Carl Labor Day Weekend - Perfect weekend for combination hiking and backpacking
Aug 2012 PCT McKenzie Pass to Sieda Valley 136.0 Ed, Carl, Brian Carl had bad blisters and came off the trail early at Carter Lake National Park - had to hitchhike.
Aug 2011 PCT in WA and OR 53.0 Ed, Carl Plan was White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass in 8 days. Snow drifts, mosquitos, and life threatening passes forced us to hike the Columbia Gorge in OR.
May 2011 Great Smokey Mountain NP, TN 54.0 Ed, Carl, John, Mark, Joe Drove from GB to TN.  Nice hiking and were able to hit the high point of TN - Klingman Dome.
Sep 2010 Canyonlands NP, UT 75.0 Ed, Carl, John Slick rock hiking at its best
May 2010 Gila Wilderness, NM 35.5 Ed, Carl, John, Lori, Joe 85 water crossings
Sep 2009 Yosemite NP, CA 21.0 Ed, Carl, John, Lori, Mark Hiked Upper Yosemite Falls 4 out of 5 got sick
Mar 2009 Grand Canyon, AZ 31.5 Ed, Carl, John, Brian, Tim Great meals, easy trip, down South Kiabab and up Bright Angel Trail
Sep 2008 Northern Cascades, WA 66.0 Ed, Carl, John, Mark Some of the worst trail we've hiked on.  Strenuous hike with some great scenery
Mar 2008 Death Valley, CA 52.0 Ed, Carl Did not backpack, all day hikes, excellent destination with varied scenery
Oct 2007 Zion NP, UT - The Narrows 16.0 Carl, Lori, Brian, Ann Great scenery, awesome trip, You Tube Video
Sep 2007 PCT-Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass WA 68.0 Ed, Carl, Brian, Ann
Three days of rain, YouTube Video
May 2007 Applachian Tr., Virginia Creeper Tr. and Iron Mtn Tr. 57.0 Ed, Carl, John, Brian Did the high point of VA on the trip.
Aug 2006 Pacific Crest Trail - White Pass to Columbia Gorge 147.0 Ed, Carl,John, Brian, Mark Ed, Carl, and Brian did the entire trip, Mark and John did two days and then left the trail to summit Mt. Adams
Jun 2006 Oregon Coast 17.0 Carl, Brian All done as day hikes
Aug 2005 Pacific Crest Trail - Timberline Lodge to Columbia Gorge 50.0 Ed, Carl, Brian Averaged 13 miles per day
Aug 2005 Rocky Mountain NP, CO 50.0 Brian, Ann, Carl, Lori Hiked to the Contential Divide, saw numerous elk
May 2005 Ice Age Scenic Trail, WI 15.0 Ed, Carl Rainy, cold, tick infested
Aug 2004 Mt. Rainier NP, WA 93.0 Ed, Carl, Mark, John Awesome trip for 10 days
Jul 2004 Mt Assiniboine, Canada 29.0 Carl, Lori, Tim, Susan Guided trip - Tim had to be med-evaced out, only de-hydrated
Oct 2003 Grand Canyon NP, AZ 25.0 Carl, Lori Not able to make it to the valley floor as there were no reservations available.  Hike on several different trails.
Aug 2003 Three Sisters Wilderness, OR 51.0 Carl, Ed, John, Dan Came out a couple of days early
Apr 2003 Buffalo Scenic River, AR 14.0 Carl, Lori Hiked only - sleeted two days and river was too low to canoe
Oct 2002 Rocky Mountain NP, CO 21.0 Carl, Lori Day hiked, Carl sick most of the time
Sep 2002 Mt. Hood Wilderness, OR 40.0 Carl, Ed, John Came out a couple of days early
Jun 2002 Yosemite NP, CA 25.0 Carl, Lori, John, Kay, Tim, Susan Summited Half Dame, saw two bears
Sep 2001 Glacier NP, MT 37.0 Carl, Lori, Ed, John Crossed the Contential Divide
Sep 2000 Teton NP, WY 34.0 Carl, Ed, John, Kay Bear got our food on the last night
Aug 2000 Mt Adams Wilderness, WA 27.0 Carl, Ed Base camped
Jun 2000 Yosemite NP, CA 20.0 Carl, Lori Lori's first backpacking experience, excellent weather and scenery
Mar 2000 Superstitions, AZ 50.0 Carl, Ed, John, Mark W Base camped and brought rain to the desert
Oct 1999 Porcupine Wilderness, MI 22.0 Carl, Ed, John, John P Long weekend, nice temps and colors
May 1999 Matalezel Wilderness, AZ 18.0 Carl, Ed, John, Mark W, Tim As known as the "Bloody Stump March"
Jan 1999 Ice Age Trail, WI 10.0 Carl, Ed, Ed Jaros Cold, cold, cold and Ed's car was broken into
Sep 1998 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI 25.0 Carl, Ed Long weekend, rained for most of it
May 1998 Zion NP, UT and Brice NP UT 38.0 Carl, Ed, John Mark W First trip, awesome